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UnionPay International (UPI) focuses on the international business of UnionPay, a global payment network that serves the world’s largest Cardholder base. With over 7 billion UnionPay Cards issued in 48 countries and regions, over 51 million merchants and 2.57 million ATMs accepting our cards in 170 countries and regions, UnionPay is currently one of the fastest-growing payment networks in the world.

In Southeast Asia, UnionPay has enabled ATM, POS acceptance and card issuance across all 10 countries. In Singapore, UnionPay Cards are issued by Bank of China (BOC), Development Bank of Singapore (DBS), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and United Overseas


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Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) was founded in 1977, originally as the Singapore Retail Merchants Association by 10 leading retailers. It is a non-profit, independent/non-governmental retail trade body in Singapore, funded entirely by the private sector. SRA aims to be an advocate for retailers – big or small, to help them improve business standards; professionalism and productivity through training and sharing of information and best practice as well as assist its members with business development and regionalisation strategies. It hopes to be a representative voice for the retail industry, working closely with government agencies and relevant authorities to help address and resolve issues for the well-being of the retail industry and help facilitate Singapore’s continued growth in the competitive retail environment.

With effect of 1 October 2017, SRA has embarked on Enterprise Singapore’s Programme to further its cause and advance the initiatives under the Retail ITM to help bring about greater value creation in the retail industry through innovation; enhance retailers productivity and capabilities; maximise workforce potential for improved business growth and even internationalisation.

Membership in SRA is open to all retailers as well as businesses related to retail – real estate developers and consultancies, research companies, media owners, tax refund agencies etc. There are currently over 300 in the Association. Through its myriad of events, conferences and seminars, training programmes as well as networking opportunities, SRA initiates change and encourages the retail industry to embrace new technological advances and best practices to ensure its continued competitiveness and growth.

SRA is also a founding member of the Federation of Asia Pacific Retailers Associations (FAPRA), which comprises 17 national associations across the Asia-Pacific region; all the members are the most authoritative and representative associations for the retail industries of their respective countries. For more information,
visit www.retail.org.sg